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Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) Algorithm


AXI algorithm is a device that inspects various defects inside by irradiating X-ray beams to photograph invisible parts of semiconductors. Equipment that performs various defect inspections of

​New concept algorithm

1. Implementation of image extraction of a new concept wire extraction method

2. Implementation of a new concept method for calculating edge thickness

3. Extract all ware of Edge Segment Pixel DB and judge whether various connections are possible

4. Apply the quadratic curve approximation method of edge segment (n curves are generated according to the thickness)

5. Accumulation of entire wire image edge and implementation of inspection method (angle, distance, length, thickness, etc.)

6. Application of self-developed Star Search algorithm

7. Application of artificial intelligence based on the Monte Carlo method

Implementation of fast and accurate inspection by improving tracking precision and eliminating inspection elements

Patent application number: 10-2022-054391-5  Defect inspection method of semiconductor devices using X-rays


Current Algorithm

New concept algorithm

  • shooting conditions

  • Equipment conditions


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